OpenSER 1.2.0 FreeBSD port updated

I have just committed the update of the FreeBSD port of OpenSER to version 1.2.0. The commit has been done to the OpenSER svn repository to both trunk and 1.2 branches. Following will come the commit to the FreeBSD ports tree.

I have changed the default value from “On” to “Off” to all the compilation configurable modules except mysql which is still on by default. Current compilation configurable modules are mysql, postgres, snmpstats, tlsops and unixodbc.

There are some modules that are not compiled because different dependencies with external libraries or programs. The none compiled modules are: avp_radius, auth_radius, group_radius, uri_radius, jabber, osp, mi_xmlrpc, perl and xmpp. I will be adding support for these modules in the (i hope near) future.

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